Customer Recommendations

Jessica Gustin

Reiki Treatment and Reiki Course

"Sirpa, you are the only person who managed to get through and tear down the wall that I have long and painstakingly built. I'm so incredibly grateful that you did it so I could start building myself up again. I have now signed up for Reiki II training course and hope to see you there again. Those of you who are thinking of booking a treatment, do it, it's worth every penny. "

Malin Granberg Evetovic

Reiki Treatment

"Sirpa is the best! I received Reiki healing and it was well worth the money. She is so incredibly good at what she does. She sensed the energies in my body and in my mind. She treated my sore body parts and the following days I felt so great. She is also nice and warm person. Everyone should go to her! ❤️”

Heidi Sorvettula

Reiki Treatment

"I had sleep disturbances for quite some time and it had a negative effect both at work and at home. I got anxiety and was worried. Doctor recommended sedatives, but I preferred to try to find some other treatment.
My friend recommended Reiki so I booked three treatments at Lumeva. Already after the first treatment, I felt that it was easier to breathe and I was much calmer. Now I have met Lumeva twice and I feel hopefull that everything will be ok. I fall asleep quickly and I sleep deep. I can warmly recommend Reiki and Lumeva! ❤️"

Marjo Mickelsson

Ayurvedic Massage

"Thank you Sirpa for a relaxing Ayurvedic massage that was absolutely wonderful. I feel like a new person after the treatment with lightness in my body and mind."

Sara Lindgren

Reiki Course

"With warmth, competence and commitment, Reiki 1 with Sirpa at Lumeva was an instructive and rewarding training. If you are interested in Reiki for yourself, loved ones, I can warmly recommend this training.”

Regina Tjernberg 

Reiki Treatment

"Received a Reiki treatment of the highest quality from fantastic Sirpa. So professional and friendly. I came stressed and went home calm and relaxed. I highly recommend Lumeva."

Therese Bigenius

Reiki Course

"I feel I've found home. I have felt an enormous amount of love and safety during the weekend. For the first time in 19 years, I have really been able to dissolve energy from a traumatic event and experience peace and acceptance. Feeling strong, proud and filled with light and energy. I can warmly recommend the Reiki 1 training if you want to explore and learn about energies and spirituality"

Fredrika Södergård

Reiki Distance Healing

"Thanks for a super nice Reiki! Felt the energies embrace me and how a total calm filled me. I could still feel it the day after. You truly have the a gift.”

Lisa Sjörin

Reiki Course

"Every students individual expectations were met. It's sad that time went by so fast. I can definitely recommend this course to others."

Cesar Augusto Ulloa Velasquez

Energy Cleanse of a House

"Sirpa did energy healing in our new home and we could feel the difference right away. The atmosphere became much lighter and we slept so much better. 

I highly recommend Lumeva!"

Christine Öström

Spiritual Guidance and Reiki Treatment

"Got spiritual guidance and Reiki by Lumeva. My rating is: she has a direct contact with "the source energy". Got an incredible description of who my spirit guide was. Messages that came thru were on the dot! I also got answers to questions that I didn't ask, only carried them inside. With incredible warmth Sirpa channeled messages from my guides from the other side. 

I also got Reiki from Sirpa. She immediately found where the healing was needed, also explained why and gave advice and tips. 

I recommend Lumeva, because she's a real angel of light. Thank you! I am certainly a returning customer"

Vuokko Erman

Reiki Treatment

"Today Sirpa helped me with a Reiki treatment to relax both mentally and physically. She helped me after a stressful period in my life, to find my way back to peace and balance. Thank you, Sirpa!"

Martyna Sialkowska

Reiki, Spiritual Guidance and Past Life Reading

"Thanks to Sirpa I had the opportunity to connect with my grandmother, who passed away unexpectedly some years ago. I have no words to describe how amazing that was! I always watched it in TV and wondered how it's possible, so it was truly emotional experience for me. Thank you Sirpa ❤️ "

Marjaana Mattsson

Spiritual Guidance, Reiki Treatment and Past Life Reading.

"Today I got comforting greetings from my brother who passed away few years ago. I am so grateful for what I experienced!

I haven't been as relaxed in years as I am when I get a Reiki treatment from Sirpa. The relaxation is so deep."

Malin Granberg Evetovics

Reiki Course

"Sirpa at Lumeva leads us through the magical world of Reiki in an exemplary way. She is warm, knowledgeable and very competent as an educator.

I felt safe and guided down to the smallest detail, and can warmly recommend Lumeva's Reiki courses."

Sara Jafarnejad Åslund

Spiritual Guidance

"An amazing experience with an amazing person. Sirpa is spot on and credible. She has a gift she's generous in sharing. Try it and you won't be disappointed."

Killian Wöllner

Spiritual Guidance, Reiki Treatment and Reiki Training Course

"Highly recommend a visit to Sirpa. Professional, warm and safe treatment both in terms of Reiki and spiritual guidance."

Eva Edell

Reiki Course

"The conversations we had were interesting and healing. The course met my expectations and I will sign up for Reiki level 2 course at Lumeva."

Lena Bergman Alexandersson

Reiki Treatment

"I really want to recommend Lumeva, I received several treatments over four weeks and it gave me an incredibly comfortable and relaxing feeling in my body for a long time. She could even help me with some physical aces I have in my body. Sirpa is empathetic and you feel safe in her hands!"

Liisa Luonsi

Ayurvedic massage and Reiki Treatment

"Today I met a wonderful founder of Lumeva. I warmly recommend her treatments that create space for total relaxation and rest. Lovely energy in a lovely environment".

Melinda Edholm

Reiki Treatment, Spiritual Guidance and Past Life Reading.

"I warmly recommend Lumeva! She is so incredibly professional and competent. She is for me a great portion of light and love that safely opens the door to the spirit world".

Leonardo Franconeri

Spiritual Guidance

"Sirpa made contact with my father, who passed away over 10 years ago. I can be pretty critical about spiritual stuff, but the things dad said to her were really things no other than me knows. The way she delivered the messages was both emphatic and professional way. I'm blown away."

Caroline Hammarskjöld

Reiki Distance Healing and Spiritual Guidance

"Sirpa really has a genuine gift! She gives healing that is noticeable. I also appreciate her intuitive and medial abilities that really heal and provide deep understanding. I can really recommend Lumeva!".

Lotta Karlsson

Reiki Treatment and Spiritual Guidance

"I had a fantastic treatment that was both relaxing and comfortable. I'm Feeling calm and harmonious afterward. I have already booked several treatments".

Lina Granström

Reiki Treatment, Reiki Distance Healing and Spiritual Guidance

"I really want to recommend Lumeva! I experience total calm both during a one on treatment and when I received Reiki remotely. Reiki has also been helping with my aces caused by arthritis.

She also became a channel between my late mother and me. I'm so grateful we met."

Catarina Lundblad

Spiritual Guidance

"Sirpa is a very warm hearted and lovely person who has given spiritual guidance for me and my adult daughters. All the information was so spot on that it was almost eerie. She gave suggestions on how my daughters would process the information received. We can highly recommend Lumeva."

Eva Wijk

Reiki Treatment

"Amazing experience, I'm completely sold! Calm, relaxing and felt like I was embedded in a cocoon. If you haven't tried Reiki, do it!"

Yvonne Alfvin

Reiki Treatment, Reiki Distance Healing and Spiritual Guidance

"After I got a treatment at Lumeva, I felt a great well-being in my body and soul. She has an ability to see your needs and works with calm. I recommend her with all my heart".

Satu Kemppainen

Spiritual Guidance

"I got to experience something completely new and exciting yesterday. Sirpa was able to contact my father, who passed away five years ago. My father had been waiting a long time for this contact. Sometimes I was little scared then I was crying and laughing of joy. I got answers to my questions, which gave both me and my late father a sensation of relief.  Now I can move on with my life with a peace in my heart. I also got to catch up with my Grandma. 

I really can recommend Sirpa. Her calmness and good communication skills are so authentic. I highly recommend!".

Anna Jansson

Spiritual Guidance

"Your gift is beautiful and I am greatful that you share it with me. Thank you for exiting and insightful guidance!".