Reiki Distance Healing

Customer Testimonials:

"It was soo wonderfully relaxing that I even fell asleep a little".

"It almost felt like a blanket of light and calm was laid on me. So wonderful".

"I always feel relaxed during this session. This time, when I closed my eyes, I could see pictures in my head that I needed to see in order to feel better".

"I feel calm and relaxed. After a while, I felt the tears begin to run down on my cheeks".

"I felt a relief in my body while you were sending me Reiki. A lot of energies were floating around in me. I felt clear impact in the head, ears and throat".

Reiki energies can be sent from a long distance. Wonderful aspect of distance Reiki is that you can be anywhere to receive it and you don't even have to leave your home. Distance Reiki can be just as effective as experiencing in person - the Reiki energy "works" regardless of where you are located since it transcends time and physical space.

How Should I Prepare and What to Expect?

The Distance Reiki session is usually about 20 minutes long. We will schedule a time and date with you for the distance Reiki session. By setting up a specific time, you can be in a receptive state (such as lying down or meditating during the treatment.  

Create yourself a peaceful environment. Make the space comfortable with cushions and a blanket if needed, use your crystals, essential oils, or incense to create atmosphere.

Lie comfortably, and make sure you won't be too cold. Wear loose, nonrestrictive clothing, turn off any phones, close the computer. This time is for you!Close your eyes and take several deep, slow breaths to relax

State your intention "I am ready to receive Reiki energy" to receive the healing energies. That is all you need to do.  

It is individual how the recipient experiences the Reiki energies remotely. The majority feel very relaxed and some may even feel tingling or a tingling sensation. Some might start to cry or laugh without knowing why. That is emotional energy that needs to be released in order for you to heal.

After treatment, I will contact you by SMS and confirm that I have finished the session.

What Should I Do After a Distance Reiki Session?

Take a moment to write down any thoughts that popped up during your time, often the most golden ideas come to you in these quiet moments. After your session, it's always good to drink a glass of water when there has been energy movement. Go about your day, and take note of anything that comes up; you might think of a particular situation or person, something that's been bothering you that you are ready to address, or you might have some ideas and inspiration drop in. 

20min/ 300kr (30eur)