Energy Cleanse of Buildings

Customer Testimonials

"After Sirpa helped us to cleanse our new home, both me and our daughter slept really well. I feel that the energies are more lighter and I feel happier now".

Everything, around and within human body is made out of energy. We leave an energy footprint in our homes and rooms we have been in and we can feel the energies that others have left behind. It can be energies of another person or someone from the other side.

You can experience energies in different ways, "good or bad way", and sometimes you may need help to clean the energies from your home or premises. Many who buy a new home or premises, choose to clear them of any heavy energies that the former owners have left behind.

If you experience unnatural things happening in your home or feel unexplained feelings of discomfort in your home, it may be dense energies you sense or a spirit that is stuck between our world and the spirit world. It may also be that there is someone close to you from the other side who calls your attention for various reasons. It can also be dense energies from your neighbor or the previous owner of the house.

I conduct the session from remotely, I don't need physically see or feel the premises. I will clean your home from dense energies and boost it with lighter energies. If there are energies from the spirit world that are stuck, I will help them to cross over to the light and convey any messages they have to you. Some homes may also have energy portals that needs to be closed in order to reduce activities.

I do the sessions remotely and there fore the geographical location of the house/ premises does not matter.

Energy cleanse for a normal sized building costs 1450 sek (145 eur) and takes approx. 2 hours. After the first session, I send you a report on what I could find in the house and which actions I have taken. I always do a second session (30-60min) after about 2 weeks to further increase the energies and check if there are any remaining dense energies that need to be cleaned.  

It is important to remember that energy is constant and we attract energies that match our own. If someone in your home has dense/low energies (e.g. depressed, has substance abuse problems), it will certainly attract low energies that can be cleaned in the short term but it is not a long-term solution.

Larger buildings require more extensive work and the price will therefore be adjusted accordingly.