Past Life Reading

Customer Testimonials:

"I did not know that my past life trauma was effecting me today as much as it did. Now I understand why I don't let my self to grief my divorce and only focus on my child's well being".  

""I have always felt that beeing a teacher is my calling and now I understand why. I was one in my previous life! It is also exciting to hear what roles my children and my husband have had in my previous lives".

Reincarnation, is a concept of beliefs that means that a person's soul does not die with the body, but that the soul can be passed on to a new body, either in human or animal body.

Reaction and emotion create a strong energy footprint in the history of our soul. Your energy field then retains this energy footprint and affects your entire energy vibration. By exploring past lives, you can get answers as to why certain things mean so much to you or why you are particularly affected by certain events, situations or people.

Are you curious about who you have been or what you have done in a previous life? Want to know more about how your past lives affect you today? Maybe you have unexplained fears? Or are you simply curious about what you have been through in a previous life?

I connect to your guides who show me some of your past lives that are relevant for you to remember right now. Please notice that this is channeling and not regression therapy. 

30min/ 600kr (60eur)