Reiki for Animals (distance)

Customer Testimonials:

"I adopted a traumatized cat that hadn't eaten or drank water in days. During the treatment he started purring and immediately after he went and drank water!".

"In the middle of my own treatment, my cat suddenly started yawning, she jumped on my stomach, started to purr and then she fell asleep".

Can you give Reiki to the animals? Absolute!

Reiki affects smoothing and supports the animal's natural healing processes, regardless of age, breed or species.

Just like for us humans, it is very individual how animals experience Reiki. Someone falls asleep, someone can get a little worried (especially on the first occasion if the animal has never received Reiki before), someone is exited and then calms down, then there are the animals that do not change behavior at all during the session.

Reiki practitioners who have their own pets often notice that the pet seek them to get Reiki treatments. Reiki can be given as often as the animal desires.

(NOTE: If you suspect that your animal is injured, in pain or suffering from illness, always contact a veterinarian for advice and possible treatment).

I perform Reiki treatments for animals remotely.

20min/ 300kr (30eur)