Reiki Training Courses (only in Swedish)

Student Testimonials

"The course was planned well and it was nice that I did not feel any press to be perfect. The course was what I had expected and I look forward to continuing my Reiki studies. I gladly recommend the course to others! ".

"It was a good balance with everything! Best for me was all the insights and combination of teachers. We were in a nice environment with nice pupils. I got useful tools and I am super satisfied! I can recommend the course to others!".

"The first day was very intense and I would have needed to take several shorter breaks. I thought the course was better than I expected and I would definitely recommend it to my friends".

"In addition to Reiki, we learned other useful tools. The discussion about grounding and above all energy protection were also two things that I found as extra bonus during the training. I have noticed that by working more with energy protection, I experience more peace of mind".

When my Reiki Master told me that "everyone can learn Reiki", I was very suspicious. Oh how happy I am that I was wrong and now, years later, I'm telling you that you can learn Reiki!

You can learn how to give relaxing Reiki energies to your partner, children, pets and other loved ones. No prior knowledge is required, only an open mind and great interest!

My courses are for:

  • Individuals that want to use Reiki on themselves and on their loved ones.
  • Individuals who work as body therapist or hairdresser and want to learn a technique to supplement your treatments with.

You can read more about my courses below:

  1. Reiki Level I 
  2. Reiki Level II